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Quanta has had far reaching effects on the world of lasers.  Not only in the aesthetic area, but their scientific division has some very high profile clients like, NASA, the European Space Agency and the Italian Space Agency to name a few.

In preparation of the next ESA and NASA mission to Mars in 2016, they are experimenting with an Nd:YAG laser source from Quanta System.

Other applications listed from NASA are the Astronomical Station of Cagliari, Italy

Instrumentation at the site includes the Fixed SLR Station and the GPS Permanent Station, with operational DGPS and Time keeping/Synchronization using Standard Caesiums, GPS . The SLR system includes a 10Hz Italian Quanta System Nd-YAG SFUR laser working at 532 nm with a 100ps pulse of energy 80mJ.

Research and a passion for progress have made Quanta System the ideal partner for avant-garde research institutes involved in important national and international projects.

Its participation in institutional programs (Government), such as the EEC, Eureka and Brite, and its cooperation with prestigious universities at world level guarantee expertise and the constant acquisition of knowledge.

Fine Art

Quanta System, industrial and scientific laser manufacturer, has donated to Pope Benedict XVI a special laser for fine arts conservation. The ceremony was held in Rome during the annual Quanta System worldwide distributor’s meeting.

Professor Antonio Paolucci, director of the Vatican Museums, Professor Santamaria, director of the scientific laboratories, Professor Nesselrath and Maestro De Luca, clara fama restorers, attended the donation ceremony held on April 17th 2008. His eminence Cardinal Giovanni Lajolo, Minister of the Internal Affairs and President of the Vatican City State Governorate, has received by the hands of Dr. Paolo Salvadeo, general manager of Quanta System, the laser on behalf of Pope Benedict XVI.

Cardinal Lajolo has inaugurated the ceremony with his welcome speech.

Thunder ART, as this laser has been named, will be used for restoring important masterpieces of Michelangelo in the Paoline Chapel. This system slightly differentiates itself from those already operative in the Holy See. It has a particular wavelength, the UV: besides infrared and green, its ultraviolet rays will be experimented and then used in restoration works of polychromatic surfaces, for example on paintings and frescoes.

The donation occurred only after the company has gained in these years the trust of the Vatican Museums and of the whole Restoration Team, which has been working, since several years, with Quanta System machines and with lasers of the El.En. Group, which Quanta System belongs to.

Restoration works on stuccos and frescoes have been carried out using advanced lasers of Quanta System. Through laser cleaning it has been discovered the last self-portrait of Michelangelo.

Maestro De Luca, chief restorer of the Vatican, commented: “the signature of the great artist in his last painting is an extraordinary discovery, which takes to commotion”.