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Here at The Tattoo Removal Place, that’s all we do is remove tattoos. You can expect confidential and professional service and of course the best laser on the market for fading or removing your tattoo. The Quanta Q Plus C laser offers three different wavelengths to treat not only black and red inks, but also the greens, blues, yellows and oranges..

The laser delivers a very short and quick pulse of high intensity light harmlessly thru the top layers of your skin. This light targets only the ink in the tattoo, shattering it into small particles. These small particles are then removed from the target area over a period of approximately 6 to 10 weeks by your own immune system..

Most tattoos will take between 6 to 12 treatments. In some cases it could take more or less depending on the tattoo itself, your immune system and the inks and colour of inks used in the tattoo..

Because of the Quanta Q Plus C laser, the chance of scarring is extremely unlikely. With the optibeam, flat bottom, square spot technology that no other laser offers, there is very little trauma to the skin. This also means that blistering is unlikely as well. If you are familiar with the results of other laser tattoo removals, you can appreciate the relief of not having to deal with blisters..

There will be some discomfort. The feeling is similar to getting the tattoo in the first place. Some say it’s like the snapping of an elastic band. However the procedure to remove the tattoo is very quick, in minutes the session is over depending on the size of your tattoo..

Certainly. In just a few treatments we can fade the tattoo to your preference..

Nobody can guarantee that everyone will experience a full tattoo removal. It has a lot to do with your immune system and the inks used in the tattoo. However, we believe you will be satisfied with the results..